Friday, December 17, 2010

Your brain seen as a guitar-shaped jigsaw puzzle. The bones in your hand that unfold as an umbrella unfolds, but more wonderfully. Music books which fantastically scan your brain and then teach you only music that's easy and fun for you to learn. All these odd ideas and more I have shared with you on this blog.

Now I'm doing a big edit, so it's looking a little blank.

I'm still teaching, still turning my thinking upside down, still writing. And I'm playing more music with band-mates and extra-bandicular music friends than I have in many years. I'll bang down some more ideas which I hope might help you on your learning journey, then tart them up and publish them here again soon. Do check back, y'all.

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JJC said...

Oh, hurrah! So glad to see you back in print (more or less). We'll encourage each other.